I designed a summer top! / Yazlık bluz tasarladım! :)

(Türkçesi aşağıda) Hello everybody, I hope you're doing fine with this corona-quarantine shit. I don't have any problems with being home (yet) but knowing nothing about the future and reading the news make me nervous. I'm healthy now and I'm not in the risky group but still I feel the pressure in my head. So… Continue reading I designed a summer top! / Yazlık bluz tasarladım! 🙂


Color Time for Sewing

Hello people, This week was really hot in Holland. This summer, in Greece, I promised myself never to complain about hot weather. Because usually in Holland, summer stays only for few weeks. And then spring or even autumn comes back again. We don't really understand how those hot times fly away. If we keep complaining… Continue reading Color Time for Sewing