Two Beautiful Crafting Events (And FREE!)

Hello dear people, I have two good news for DIY lovers. Two free sources to learn some good information. : I don't know if you knew this website but I didn't until recently. You can find there some good courses about crafts, arts and abilities like cooking. There are also some patterns for some… Continue reading Two Beautiful Crafting Events (And FREE!)


Welcome, 2020/Hoşgeldin 2020

(Türkçe versiyonu aşağıda) 2020! When I say this number, I feel like I'm talking about a science-fiction movie but it's real. Weird but true. I am living in this era. Isn't it weird to be living in 2000s? It really gets weirder and weirder when I keep thinking about it. Like I'm in Doctor Who's… Continue reading Welcome, 2020/Hoşgeldin 2020