Colors of The Week 4 / Haftanın Renkleri 4

This week I'll be complaining about cloudy weather, talking about my first Esty sales, new crochet star earrings and again crochet summer headbands. /////// Bu hafta bulutlu havadan şikayet ettikten sonra, Etsy'deki ilk iki satışımdan, tığişi yıldız küpelerden ve yine tığişi yazlık saç bantlarından bahsediyorum.


Welcome, 2020/Hoşgeldin 2020

(Türkçe versiyonu aşağıda) 2020! When I say this number, I feel like I'm talking about a science-fiction movie but it's real. Weird but true. I am living in this era. Isn't it weird to be living in 2000s? It really gets weirder and weirder when I keep thinking about it. Like I'm in Doctor Who's… Continue reading Welcome, 2020/Hoşgeldin 2020


Thoughts/ Düşünceler

(Türkçe versiyonu aşağıda) Hello dear people, How are you? I know, I haven't been recently around here. There is no exact reason to apologize, so, maybe it's better not to. I've been busy with thinking. About what? (I can imagine you're asking that). About having an Etsy shop and the products I can sell there.… Continue reading Thoughts/ Düşünceler