Colors of the Week 9 / Haftanın Renkleri 9

This week, I reused a dress by making a laundry basket and a tshirt, I repaired the stain and the holes on one of my tshirts with embroidery and began to join granny squares for my future cardigan. And I swam this year for the first -and probably the last- time:) ///////// Bu hafta eski bir elbiseden bir çamaşır sepeti ve bir tişört yaptım, başka bir tişörtümdeki lekeyi ve delikleri işlemeyle kapattım, örgü hırkam için örgü kareleri birleştirmeye başladım. Bir de bu sene ilk -ve büyük ihtimalle son- kez denize girdim:)

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Tasseled Earring Free Crochet Pattern / Örgü Püsküllü Küpe Tarifi

(Türkçesi için buraya tıklayınız ya da sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.) Hi everyone, Welcome to my first pattern post. I'm very excited. I hope I can do it:) In these days I'm crocheting some small shapes without thinking what it will be. When I began crocheting this one, it started to scream like:… Continue reading Tasseled Earring Free Crochet Pattern / Örgü Püsküllü Küpe Tarifi


I designed a summer top! / Yazlık bluz tasarladım! :)

(Türkçesi aşağıda) Hello everybody, I hope you're doing fine with this corona-quarantine shit. I don't have any problems with being home (yet) but knowing nothing about the future and reading the news make me nervous. I'm healthy now and I'm not in the risky group but still I feel the pressure in my head. So… Continue reading I designed a summer top! / Yazlık bluz tasarladım! 🙂


Crazy world blanket/Deli dünya battaniyesi

(Türkçesi aşağıda) Hello crazy world, How are you surviving? How can you do that? Every time I check the news, it feels like you're gonna collapse this time but you never do. I admire you. I can not solve anything and I can not run away from problems, so I just try to stay calm,… Continue reading Crazy world blanket/Deli dünya battaniyesi


My extra colorful vest / Aşırı renkli yeleğim

(Türkçe versiyon aşağıda) Hi everybody, How are you? I'm fine but in need of inspiration because I'm organizing the small handmade things I brought from my mother. She knows that I'm more interested than ever in handmade stuff. That's why she wants to give me everything she doesn't plan to use. Crochet samples, ribbons, fabrics...… Continue reading My extra colorful vest / Aşırı renkli yeleğim