Here are my products on Etsy! You can click on the images and see more photos and details on my Etsy page.

Flower shaped crocheted earrings in seven different colors (yellow, green, light orange, orange, rouge pink, red, magenta pink) with metal ear wires
Crocheted Flower Earrings with 7 Different Colors
Turquoise Blue Summer Headband / Scarf
Pink-Colorful Summer Headband/Scarf
Crocheted ear warmer/ headband in purple tones with white spots on some points.
Purple Ear Warmer / Headband
Crocheted ear warmer in blue-white tones.
Light Blue Ear Warmer / Headband
Fuchsia Summer Headband/Scarf
Flower shaped two-color (white-orange and white-yellow) crochet earrings with metal ear wires
Two-Color, Flower-Shaped Earrings
Rainbow Headband for Summer
yellow crocheted ear warmer / headband with triangle patterns on it.
Yellow Ear Warmer / Headband
Crocheted ear warmer / headband in green tones.
Green-White Ear Warmer / Headband
Crocheted and patterned ear warmer in green tones
Green Ear Warmer / Headband
Crocheted thick ear warmers for winter in 5 different colors: Black-white, Green, Purple, Pink-red and Dark blue.
Thick Ear Warmer in 5 Different Color

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