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  • I designed a summer top! / Yazlık bluz tasarladım! 🙂

    24 March 2020 by

    (Türkçesi aşağıda) Hello everybody, I hope you’re doing fine with this corona-quarantine shit. I don’t have any problems with being home (yet) but knowing nothing about the future and reading the news make me nervous. I’m healthy now and I’m not in the risky group but still I feel the pressure in my head. So… Read more

  • Crazy world blanket/Deli dünya battaniyesi

    2 March 2020 by

    (Türkçesi aşağıda) Hello crazy world, How are you surviving? How can you do that? Every time I check the news, it feels like you’re gonna collapse this time but you never do. I admire you. I can not solve anything and I can not run away from problems, so I just try to stay calm,… Read more

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