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  • Thoughts/ Düşünceler

    13 November 2019 by

    (Türkçe versiyonu aşağıda) Hello dear people, How are you? I know, I haven’t been recently around here. There is no exact reason to apologize, so, maybe it’s better not to. I’ve been busy with thinking. About what? (I can imagine you’re asking that). About having an Etsy shop and the products I can sell there.… Read more

  • My extra colorful vest / Aşırı renkli yeleğim

    15 October 2019 by

    (Türkçe versiyon aşağıda) Hi everybody, How are you? I’m fine but in need of inspiration because I’m organizing the small handmade things I brought from my mother. She knows that I’m more interested than ever in handmade stuff. That’s why she wants to give me everything she doesn’t plan to use. Crochet samples, ribbons, fabrics…… Read more

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