Colors of the Week 12

Hi there!

I’ve been away for some time but I’m back now. I really missed my lovely hobbies. Let’s start quickly with updates.

We (me and my husband) finished a puzzle, in fact a painting of a Dutch artist Marius van Dokkum, ”Tweede Jeugd” means ”Second youth”. Funny and beautiful and doesn’t reflect me at all. I’m not even half as badass as them. Maybe that’s why I want to keep them on my wall. Filling the gaps in my soul 😛

I have lots of finished puzzles at home waiting to be framed and hanged on the wall but they all are in different sizes and it’s hard to find the right frame for each of them. And the frames are usually as expensive as puzzles! I love thrift stores but with Corona I don’t visit them that often and to find the right size for each of my puzzles, I need to be reaaally lucky. So when I got a big package delivered from Kruidvat, I thought I could make my own frame with that package and did. I took pictures of every step, around 20 in total, so I’m gonna show them as slideshows.

Here is the process of making the puzzle:

And here comes the magic, framing it!

  1. So, I started with puzzle conserver, applied it, I suppose, 3 times and waited for it to dry each time. I think the puzzle is strong as a stone now (a little bit exaggeration doesn’t hurt anyone). I put a thin piece of paper under it to protect the table.
  2. Then I began to cut the package. I cut a big piece of cardboard to put behind the puzzle and used the other parts to create the frame look.
  3. Before passing to the frame, I needed to straighten the big cardboard because it was corrugated and it caused an unbalanced surface. First I tried the roller but it didn’t really work.
  4. Then I tried pestle (I never used this word in a sentence before=) from the kitchen. It was a hell of an arm exercise.. (You can find a very little video of how I did it at the end of the page).
  5. But it worked! The cardboard got really thinner and more balanced.
  6. Then I put the puzzle in the middle of the cardboard and pasted it with a stronger glue. I don’t remember its name but it was the one that sticks your two fingers to each other immediately. So yes, I had glue on my fingers for a couple of days…
  7. Then I measured the thickness of the frame pieces and cut them and pasted them around the puzzle with the same very sticky glue.
  8. Then here comes the creative part, painting! I used an acrylic paint. At the beginning I was very shy, I could think of only making some parallel lines to make it look like a nice frame. Then it seemed impossible to me to make perfect parallel lines with a brush for a very inexperienced person like me. So the monster inside me woke up, looked at me and decided to take over the control and she did a very crazy-good job! I like it a lot. I really should hold the brush more, it feels so good.
  9. Then I thought about the ways to hang this piece of art (!) on the wall. The only solution I could think of was making two holes on the frame and to hang it with the help of a rope but it could ruin the frame, it’s only a card board after all. Then my sister suggested me to stick the rope on the back side of the big cardboard with the help of the silicon gun. I couldn’t trust it, could it really carry the whole thing?

Yes, it did! It’s hanged on the wall for days now and there is no sign of falling:)

That’s the story of how I made a DIY frame by using a parcel. I’m really proud of it. Instead of buying a new thing, I made it myself by using some garbage. And it has a style! 🙂

That’s it for today, I have some more news but let’s keep them for other posts:)

Thanks for reading. Have you ever made your own frame before? If you did, please share with us your experience on the comments below! I’m always craving for new ideas:)

P.S. Here is the video of straightening process with the pestle:

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