Colors of the Week 10 / Haftanın Renkleri 10

(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)

Hi everybody,

This week I made 2 recycling projects. First, I made four balls of yarn by using old T-shirts and second, I sewed a face mask and a vest by using an old, thin denim shirt. So, let’s get started:

1) Making T-shirt yarn

I have lots of old T-shirts at home, waiting for being useful one day. Because their fabric is so stretchy and old, I don’t like sewing new things with them. I tried before but it never turned out something beautiful. That’s why I cant’t think of a better idea of reusing old T-shirts other than making yarns with them. This week I made 4 balls of yarn by using 4 T-shirts.

I couldn’t think of taking photos in every step so I tried to explain on Paint:)

I wanted to use the fabric as much as possible. After trying on two T-shirts I found a way to cut the yarn in one piece. First I cut out the hard, unusable parts on the edges like round neck and the thick parts on the arms. Then I started cutting the body of the T-shirt as I showed in the picture, only on one side of the T-shirt. It should be like a brush at the end. Then you need to cut them diagonally on the other side. You can see this on any search on Google. Here are some examples.

Making yarn by using the body of a T-shirt is very basic. It gets complicated when you arrive at the armpits. This was a short-sleeved T-shirt. I cut out the armpits and the joining parts of the arm because they were too thick to make yarn. But I didn’t split the arms from the body.

Here is my awesome Paint drawing 🙂 which explains how to cut the upper part. I don’t know if it is easy to understand but the main idea is after cutting all the way to the armpits, continue cutting elliptically starting with the arms. End cutting somewhere around neck when it becomes uncuttable (is this a real word?).

This way I could cut a ball of yarn in one piece. Next time , if I don’t start cutting again in the middle of the night, I’m gonna take pictures of every step so I won’t feel like I have to improve my Paint skills! 🙂

2) 1 shirt = 1 face mask + 1 vest

I really miss high school level mathematics sometimes 🙂 Yes, this week I reused my old long-sleeved denim-shirt by making a face mask and a vest.

The shirt was not very comfortable, was like a jacket. You know the feeling, when you raise your arms, you feel a resistance from the arms of the jacket. I hate it. It looks cool, probably that’s why I bought it, but most of the time, to me, comfort is more important than being cool 🙂 So I didn’t wear it a lot.

But still, its armpits got yellow because of sweating. I sweat easily so that’s the result. All of my light colored clothes have some yellowish spot on their armpits. Now I bought a special detergent for it, I hope it’s gonna work. But before that, I needed to make something useful from this unusable shirt:

I needed to sew a new mask because my old hand-sewn ones (here they are) began to unravel. The fabric was not very strong and I’m not really good at hand-sewing. This shirt’s fabric is more stable, I trust it more. I used the arms for the mask. And here is the pattern I used. In fact, I used only the measurements on the pdf on that website. I didn’t really read the article. It may seem very disrespectful to the writer but didn’t mean to be so, I just had a pattern in my head and needed the measures of a regular face mask. And that was a mistake, you will see why at the end 🙂

First, I drew the pattern on a paper with the help of a ruler. I used it as a pattern and cut 4 pieces from the arms of the shirt because I wanted it to have two levels. That’s why I sewed each two pieces to each other (with the machine).

I sewed only the broken lines and turned it inside out by using the hole that I didn’t sew.

Then I joined the two mask pieces (each include two level of fabric) by sewing on the big round part (red line in the middle). Last step: I folded the end of the mask on the left side two times and sewed. I did this for the right side too. Then I placed the elastic in and that’s it!

Yes, in this photo you see the result of not reading a pattern carefully. Or we can say ”the result of using the numbers of a pattern but not itself”. The mask was too big for my face. It’s ok though, it doesn’t fall, it covers my nose and mouth perfectly. And with it, I have less fogging glasses. In fact if I don’t run or cycle to the metro, I don’t have fogging glasses anymore! Which is really good.

Well…When the arms were gone, I realized that I could wear the rest as a vest. At first I couldn’t dare to cut it more and give it a shape without a pattern. After some thinking, I felt brave enough and draw a line on the fabric with textile soap. It seemed fine but how would it look on my body? I’m still not so good at imagining the actual size of human body and turn it into 2D format or vice versa. But I finished what I started and cut and sewed with the machine and actually I like the result:

There will be no armpit problem anymore and also it’s very comfortable. I’m sure that I will wear it much more often than before.

This is it for this week,
Thanks for reading and I hope I’m being a little bit inspiring to you because whenever I read that kind of articles, lots of new ideas starts running and jumping in my brain 🙂
Have a nice week,

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(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)

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