Colors of the Week 9 / Haftanın Renkleri 9

Hi everybody!

I know, I missed a week but I had a very acceptable excuse (I think): There was sun in Holland! We were beginning to accept that there was gonna be no summer this year but we did! That was such a nice surprise! It was so warm that we didn’t need to wear jackets during nights in the balcony! That’s why we went to seaside for the first time in Holland and it was so relaxing to be in the sea, to taste the salt on my lips, to feel the sand on my legs… We (me and my husband) took a week off. We didn’t go on vacation but with this warm weather, even staying home and doing nothing felt really good. Well, doing nothing seems a little bit extreme… I did a couple of things of course. So let’s begin!

1) T-shirt patching with embroidery

I was thinking about doing embroidery on clothes for a long time but I couldn’t dare it until my very new t-shirt had some holes very quickly ( like after two times machine washing) and I stained it because of clumsiness:)

You see the stain on the left side and the holes on the right side.

My machine brain began to think about finding some patterns which would suit on these holes. Then one day my crazy brain couldn’t stay silent any more and screamed: Stop thinking, just do something you pattern lover!

And I began to do something. I don’t know what they represent but I like them:) And here is the result:

2) Making a new laundry basket + T-shirt

I had one of these cheapest foldable Ikea baskets for my laundry but the plastic material ripped after 3 years. In fact, it ripped before and I had sewn it but this time it was impossible to sew.

I threw the plastic part away and thought that metal part wouldn’t fit into the recycle bin in my neighborhood so I began to think about reusing it for some other purpose. Then a better idea flashed in my head: I could sew a new laundry basket!

My mother had given me this dress because she knew that I could do something with it one day in the future. Now that day came. I cut the laces to use them in the future -again- for something else and made a bag by sewing the hole at the end of the dress. I sewed some ribbons to secure the bag to the metal part. Here is the result:

The upper side of the dress was left and I loved the shape of it so suddenly I had a new Tshirt:)

3) Joining granny squares for the cardigan

I finally started joining the squares for my future crochet cardigan. It’s going really slow but that’s the thing with joining, right? 🙂 The squares are all different from each other so their sizes are different too. That’s why… I can’t decide if it’s fun or annoying to do. Because I can’t do this automatically, I need to measure and decide which one should come after which… And that’s fun, in a way… But I don’t know. My relationship with joining is complicated:)

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!
Have a nice week,

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