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Colors of the Week 8 / Haftanın Renkleri 8


This week I made a crochet summer headband for my friend, blocked some granny squares for my future unbalanced cardigan, got a portable photo studio as a great birthday gift and tried it just a little bit. And the summer finally arrived in the Netherlands too, so I enjoyed the sun a lot!

1) Some wet blocking

I’m planning to make a gray cardigan with granny squares. They all have different stitch designs. It’s gonna be something interesting. It’s time to join them to each other but of course I blocked them first with soap and water. (Soaked them into this soapy water, fixed them all one by one on my very old yoga mat with little pins, then waited around 24 hours for them to get dry.) Now they’re ready to be sewn.

You can see the black-gray headband at the bottom being blocked. Forgot to take pictures of it:) It has the same design with this rainbow headband below.

2) Portable photo studio

I don’t really enjoy taking photos of my products because it’s more stressful than just taking photos for Instagram. The colors should be exactly the same with its real look. I was really exhausted in last couple of weeks because of the stress of star earring photos. We didn’t really have good sunlight in Holland and when we had, I didn’t have time to take photos. I tried to fix them digitally but I couldn’t. So I put them in my earring folder and hid somewhere in the shelf, just tried to keep them away from my eyes:)

I considered buying a portable photo studio but they seemed very expensive and I didn’t wanna invest more money on this handmade business, I wanted to earn a little amount first:) I saw some Youtube videos that were saying that I could do it with some table lamps and boxes at home but I couldn’t find the energy to search and trying to arrange the materials and I was sure that I was gonna need a new lamp because I didn’t have any suitable lamp for this job.

So I kept postponing taking good photos. Of course my husband witnessed all of these and I guess he wanted to remind me the good side of relationships:P My birthday was coming soon, so he did some research for portable photo studios and bought one! Now I have a photo studio at home without any trouble of researching which one is better or suitable or rational:)

Here it is:

And here are the first few experiments:

That’s it for this week!
Stay colorful until next time,

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