Colors of the Week 7 / Haftanın Renkleri 7

(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)


This week I made 16 more crochet squares for my future unbalanced gray cardigan and a very tiny headband for myself. Because I cut my hair really short, I needed some colors for my head:) Let’s begin.

1) Summer headband (again) but very thin one

This summer we don’t really have summer in Holland but it’s still very humid. That’s why I had a haircut but I couldn’t get used to it. Giving a shape was a problem everyday and I began to have headaches more often. I don’t know if the headache was really caused by the length of my hair or not but one morning I couldn’t stop myself and started to cut my hair with my husband’s shaver and he helped me for the back side. Now I still have headaches sometimes but at least my head doesn’t sweat any more. And drying my hair after douche is super easy and fast! Towel is enough. No time wasting. I love it:) And short hair was my childhood dream:)

This is me
And this is the headband. I still need to hide the ends.

So, I made a small headband as a welcome gift to my new hair:)

2) Crochet squares for my future cardigan

I made 16 more squares for my future cardigan again. I think I will begin to join them this week. I really wonder how it will look. Here they are: Unbalanced squares… just like human psychology:)

Joining them to each other will be a hell of a job:) I did it before but it was a blanket. This time it’s a cardigan and it needs to have a certain shape. We’ll see:) If life gives you lemons, you may try to make lemonade but success is not always guaranteed. But you gotta try at least once! 🙂

That’s it for this week!
Stay colorful until next week!

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(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)

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