Colors of the Week 6 / Haftanın Renkleri 6

Hi everybody,

I wasn’t here last week, I wanted to give a break to rest a little bit, just to forget normal, daily life and to relax. A holiday, in short. I became a tourist in Holland again, I switched off my daily routine, targets, to do lists and it felt really good. I needed this relaxation because I was having some very little but annoying health problems. I had itching and pain on my right ear and also some pain around one of my wisdom teeth on the right side of my chin. And the most nonsense one was this: The root of my hair was hurting all the time. I felt like somebody was pulling my hair. I got a haircut and changed the hair conditioner, now this one is gone.

I went to family doctor for the ear. She said it needed to be cleaned because I cleaned too much with cotton swab and pushed the dirt inside. It’s so annoying when I think that I’m doing something healthy and it turns out to be unhealthy. I begin to think: In what other ways do I hurt my body unconsciously?

And yesterday the dentist had two of my wisdom teeth out and I was nervous about it since I got the appointment because my first experience in Turkey was really very bad. But this time it didn’t hurt at all! I was very surprised when they said it was over and showed me the two teeth. The teeth were scary big but it was not hurting. I just walked out of the room without a single tear:) I would hug them (the dentist and her helper) if there was no Corona:) Now I’m at home, chilling with painkillers:)

So as you can guess, these were the excuses why I didn’t do a lot of craft projects in last two weeks. There is one more reason (more realistic one): I spent way too much time on correcting the photos of star earrings for my Etsy shop, I lost all my energy and desire to create something else. At last I stopped trying to finish those photos. I realized that I needed to go back and do what I loved. And here it is:

1) From the old cardigan to the new pillow

I love recycling the things in my home. It’s not just to save the planet etc. I loved it since I was a child, when I had no idea about saving the planet. To be able to transform a thing to another thing seems like magic. I’m always very proud of myself at the end:)

Here is my old cardigan.

I bought it second hand at a thrift bazaar. It seemed old when I first saw it but saleswoman convinced me that it suited me very well. Then I came home and realized it didn’t suit me at all 🙂 I put it in the wardrobe and took out and tried again every 3-4 months but no, I put it back again sadly until I decided to sort my clothes out. I was gonna give all the clothes I didn’t wear to textile garbage (and the municipality takes them to the thrift stores I guess). When it was this cardigan’s turn, I couldn’t get rid of it but I moved it to the fabrics drawer. At that moment I decided to make something like pillow or maybe a little chair cover. I just wanted to use this nice combination of colors!

This week, I cut it in two pieces. I don’t know yet what I will do with the upper part.

Then I hand-sewed upper and lower edges. Left and right edges were already sewn. I planned to use the buttons to fit the pillow in. It became about 43 cm X 37 cm

Then I began to make the pillow. I cut this old t shirt to make the inner pillowcase.

I hand sewed that one too and left a small piece to be able to fill it. And I filled it with the stuff I was collecting for a long time. Leftover fabrics from other sewing projects, old (but clean) socks, scrap yarns… I cut them smaller into smaller pieces like 10 cm X 10 cm.

Here is the result. Filling material was not enough. I’m gonna add some fiberfill later.

And that was the story of how you make a pillow from scratch by using your old clothes. 🙂

2) Summer Headbands are ready on Etsy

Here you can check new products on my Etsy Shop by clicking on the pictures:)

That’s all for this week.
Until next week, stay colorful and don’t use cotton swabs!:)

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2 thoughts on “Colors of the Week 6 / Haftanın Renkleri 6

    1. It’s really interesting btw, it is a very basic and simple information, why do people not know about it? Maybe there is a cotton swab lobby ruling the world secretly=) thank youuu, I love making new things from old and unuseful things=)

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