Colors of The Week 4 / Haftanın Renkleri 4

(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)

Hi there,

How are you? I feel a little bit tired, I guess. I was planning to do some photo shooting today but it is very cloudy and it seems to be cloudy during this week until next Sunday! Actually it was very sunny during the weekdays but I was at work. :/ I will try to do my best with all the lamps at home. Otherwise, my new earrings have to wait in a box until next weekend.

Let’s start with the earrings then:

1) Star Earrings

I have already shared with you my flower earrings on Etsy. This week I made some stars. They both are my own design. Yeey! 🙂 Crocheting them is really fast and fun but hiding the ends, wet blocking, waiting for one night and then putting the ear wires in takes a little bit longer. Here is some of the process:

A collage of the process of making star earrings after crocheted.
1- Sewed ends and stars ready to be blocked
2- All the stars in my hand, going into soapy water
3 - Stars are all in the soapy water
4 - Stars are all on a towel to get rid of extra water
5 - stars are pinned on a mat with needles (wet blocking)
6- Hanged stars with their metal ear wires. ready to wear.

2) Summer Headbands

I was making a crochet summer headband for my friend last week (the undermost headband, colorful one). It took some time to design. By design, I don’t mean the stitches but the shape of it. It’s finally finished. And I had crocheted some more summer headband/scarves some time ago. They were waiting in the drawer for yarn hiding and blocking. Now they have a new friend, it’s time to refresh. I’ll be selling also these on Etsy if I can arrange the light :/ I can’t wear them all! 🙂

The crochet headbands/scarves for summer: 
At the top: Longest one, light blue.
Second: Dark pink with colorful button.
Third: Pink based, colorful with a purple button.
Fourth: Newest and the thinnest, the one with rainbow colors, with a purple button

3) First sells on Etsy!

I did my first two sales on Etsy! It was really exciting. The customers were both my friends but still I didn’t insist them on buying anything, they wanted to buy:) I’m really happy and excited. I hope they like the earrings. It was very educative too to learn how Etsy works. For example, I forgot to send the invoice but I can give it to her later and I hope I don’t make this mistake again:) Now I’m more prepared, send me some orders, babe! I know how to deal with them! 🙂

The content of one of my first Etsy orders: A business card with the title of "Color o'Clock", a card with colorful flower design . A pair of crochet yellow flower earrings are placed on this card . And a thank you note under all of them.
Here is what is inside of the package:)

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading,

Have a sunny weekend:)

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(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)

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