Colors of The Week

Colors of the Week 3 / Haftanın Renkleri 3

(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)


How are you? I’m happy these days because the sun is usually shining and smiling at us and we have also some summer rain, which helps the nature (I guess) and definitely smells great. Plus, it’s easier to take pictures with this weather.

I have 5 colors to introduce you this week. Let’s begin:

The things I made this week: A black-white patterned, hand-sewn,  face mask on a mannequin head, a crocheted colorful headband on the floor, star shaped, yellow, blue and purple earrings. Under all of these, there is the armchair cover I sewed from old jeans. In this photo we can only see the back side of the patchwork.

1) My New Face Mask

Because I’m working three days per week now, I have to wear face mask in public transportation because it’s obligatory now. I already sewed a mask a few weeks ago but it was not enough because wearing the same mask everyday doesn’t seem very healthy:) As a crafting lover, of course I never wanted to use a disposable mask. It wouldn’t suit me:) So I hand-sewed two more face masks. They have the same fabric (a piece of my old shorts). Here is the result:

Black-white patterned, hand-sewn face mask on a mannequin head. I made it from my old shorts.
The ear savers I crocheted are at the back side of the mannequin head

I used this pattern. It’s in Turkish but you don’t really need to understand the language, visual explanation is easy to understand. Sewing it without the sewing machine is the best thing about this pattern. Oh, and it has one more plus point: You need only a round piece of fabric with 23 cm diameter to make this mask. In fact you will cut it in four pieces, so you can make use of even smaller pieces of fabric. And in second picture, you see the ear savers I made 🙂 It’s useful if you have to wear the face masks for a long time. You can find the pattern here.

2) Star Earrings

I crocheted some star earrings. I designed the pattern! Thinking about that makes me really happy:) I really love making them so I thought maybe I can sell them! I’m making more with different colors. I’ll put them on my Etsy page shop and then we’ll see what happens:)

Yellow, blue and purple earrings I crocheted with metal ear wires. You can see a small piece of the colorful headband I crocheted.

3) Colorful Headband for Summer

I’m crocheting a new headband. A very colorful one of course. I had made one for myself. It was not so useful, it didn’t hold on the hair. So I was planning to try again but I felt a little bit exhausted. Then my friend saw the photo in one of the previous posts and she asked me to make one for her. Then I felt a little bit encouraged. At the same time, I was trying some new stitches with my new crocheting book. I combined two things. And I suppose this time I’m making a usable headband for summer 🙂 Thanks to my friend and my gorgeous book that seems to be the topic of every week:)

Picture on the left: Colorful crocheted headband for summer. Together with colorful earrings I mentioned before. Picture on the right: Mannequin head withe face mask wearing the colorful headband.

4) Little Armchair Cover

I made a big mistake. I thought patchwork was one of the easiest steps of sewing. Well, I learned that it is not. I wanted to enhance my sewing skills and I needed a new cover for my precious armchair for summer. I wanted to practice with an easy (!) project and then, my ultimate goal was sewing a backpack. Then one of my friends told me that patchwork was way more difficult than sewing a backpack. I can see that now, because it was a real struggle. How difficult can merging some squares or rectangles be? That was my opinion at the beginning. But now I don’t agree with myself:) At least I heard that sewing a backpack is easier. I’m still encouraged:) Never give up!

A collage showing the steps of making patchwork armchair cover
1 - Old jeans I used
2 - I cut 16 rectangles
3 - I merged these rectangles with needles to sew neatly (appearance from behind)
4 - I merged these rectangles with needles to sew neatly (front appearance)
5 - I sewed the rectangles with sewing machine
- I sewed some big pieces of old jeans to cover the back.
This is a photo of my old armchair with old to new patchwork cover.

5) News from

Because I’m not an expert on this, to enhance this website takes so much time that I want to mention the differences I made in my Colors of the Week posts. And I thought maybe we can exchange ideas with other ”website fighters” and help each other:)

  • I added new events to Crafts Calendar . Don’t forget to check June, July and August! There is an online handmade market event in Holland which makes me very excited. I applied for it, I really wanna be able to sell there:) But even if I can’t make it, I’ll be following the event, it seems very interesting. And a great opportunity to meet unique handmade products and support their makers in these Corona days.
  • Now you can find the link to my Etsy Shop on top of the page just under the title ‘Color o’Clock’.

That’s it for this week,
I wish you all a happy, sunny and colorful week,

P.S. Please don’t forget to check out my Etsy page:) ColoroClock

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(Türkçesi için sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)

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