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Colors of the Week 1 / Haftanın Renkleri 1

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Hello world,

How are you? It seems like we are all passing through some dark and gloomy days. We were expecting an economical crisis after Covid-19 but we got racism before that. I think people tend to think that we shouldn’t have issues like racism, inequality, injustice anymore because we’re in 21st century but in real life we’re far behind these ideals. It is really annoying. And now the world is on fire. At the same time, in Holland we’re going back to normal (normal of ”Before Corona”) and it makes me a little bit nervous.

Of course crocheting helps me a lot in those stressful days. I feel like I mention this in every post but it is so true! I never got bored during this #StayAtHome period. I always had something to do in my mind and this something was not like ”clean the house” kind of thing, I had lots of recycling and new projects in my mind. I still couldn’t finish them all. That’s a bit sad but I know that they will never be finished. Whenever I check my Instagram or Pinterest or blogs I follow, a new idea pops up in my head and stays there until I do it. I’m not complaining. In fact I love that.

Seeing this helpful side of handmade projects, I wanted to push myself to share more. Because making is something but writing about it and sharing with people is even better. Besides inspiring other people, I know that if I write about the things I create, they stay in my memory longer and in this way they keep me happy for a longer period of time! Why not hold this beautiful effect as long as possible! That’s why I’m gonna begin a new series: #Colors of the Week. It’s obvious that it’s gonna be weekly and about the projects I made, read, saw, thought of, planned during that week.

So let’s begin with the first one! (It’s the summary of whole month May, so this post will be extremely long but don’t worry, others will be shorter:)

Colors of the Week 1

1) A question:

When I was a child, my mother taught me a stitch. I always thought it was one of the basic stitches. But now I can not see it in any pattern or stitch book. Do you recognize this stitch? It is shorter than treble double crochet but longer than double crochet.

After making the basis chain;
Step 1: Yo, insert hook in designated ch, pull up a loop (3 loops on the hook)
Step 2: Yo and pull up a loop through first loop (still 3 loops left on the hook)
Step 3: Yo and pull up through 2 loops (2 loops left on the hook)
Step 4: Yo and pull up through last 2 loops.

Photo of the stitch that I was asking the name of it in the text

I want to share a pattern that I designed which includes this stitch. If I can not find its name, I will have to call it mama double crochet (mdc) 🙂

2) Puzzle

500 piece puzzle, Van Gogh, Starry Night

I made this beautiful puzzle with my husband. 500 pieces. A lock down without puzzle wouldn’t be a real lock down, right?

3) Face mask :

I sew my first face mask. I used one of my old T-shirts. The pattern is here. I want to make a new one to practice and also to have a replacement. This time I’m gonna use a more colorful fabric.

Me with my first face mask
This is me with my -always the same- background and my mask

4) Earrings:

I made some earrings. I’m planning to sell them but couldn’t decide which platform to use yet.

5) Cowl :

I did my first crochet testing for @mrgcrochet. It was easy and fun to do. Check out her Instagram account. You can find here more photos of mine.

The cowl I crocheted with mustard yellow, white and green  colors.

6) Painting:

I was planing to paint this round coffee table for a looong time (around 3 years). When I heard about going back to normal, I hurried to finish it like I would never have free time again. When it was finished, I couldn’t stop myself and painted balcony table too. And I learned that acrylic paint doesn’t easily hold on metal surface. Unfortunately I don’t have any other color of paint at home. But I like the result. Home seems and feels more like home now.

7) Summer Headbands:

I experimented on some headbands just to try my new cotton yarns. Something feels missing. I don’t know what but I’m not 100% satisfied.

8) First Crochet Book I Consciously Bought:

I have a couple of books that I found at some thrift shops but I had never searched for a specific kind of crochet book to buy before. This is the first one and I’m glad I did that. The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs. There are 500 stitches inside! It’s a delicious source book. And I began to make a new scarf just to practice zigzag stitch.

Photo of the Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs and the bluish scarf I'm crocheting by using the zigzag pattern from the book.

That’s all,
Hope to meet you again next week!
Colorful days to us all!

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(Türkçesi için buraya tıklayınız ya da sayfanın en altındaki 2 numaralı daireye tıklayınız.)

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