Two Beautiful Crafting Events (And FREE!)

Hello dear people,

I have two good news for DIY lovers. Two free sources to learn some good information.

  • : I don’t know if you knew this website but I didn’t until recently. You can find there some good courses about crafts, arts and abilities like cooking. There are also some patterns for some specific projects. And now it’s FREE until 16 April!
crafting event, crochet, elişi etkinliği , tığişi
  • The Handmade Business Summit : This is a two days online summit that I registered and listened last year and it was very informative about the experiences of handmade business owners. It is mostly about crocheting but you can get the idea and adjust it to any other handmade businesses. And it’s FREE. It’s on 18th and 19th April. You just need to register from the link. It takes nearly the whole day, so try to leave your agenda empty on those days. Or you can listen to the sessions you’re interested in. One last thing: It happens in the USA so the hours are a bit weird for the other parts of the world, be ready for that.

That’s it!

We have now two different and very informative websites to watch and learn in these quarantine days. So stay home and learn and try to stay colorful!:)


P.S.: I’ve made a calendar and shared it with you here in this website. You can see the text about it when you click on the headline ”Event Calendar of Crafts” (at the top of the homepage, under the name of the website) OR you can see the calendar directly at the right side of the website. There will be some events about every kind of crafts, as many as I can find. So if you hear about a new activity, event, organization, fair, course etc, please let me know so we can all get ready to learn new things!

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