Some crochet hats

Hellooo people,

How are you? Are you still alive? Nice. Me too. I am a little bit sick but getting better now. Tomorrow I’m gonna go to work again. Btw I started working three days per week! Yeeey… That’s beyond good. Something like perfect. In fact it’s early to talk because last week I had to wake up early and leave the house everyday (except Sunday) because I had Dutch exams so it was not really an ordinary week. But this week even though I am sick, I’m crocheting like crazy. I finished my vest (finally and it’s gonna be the topic of next post because I’m so tired of writing this 4 hats) and I made 4 hats!

Why hats? You may ask this question. Because I knew that I had some problems with adjusting the hat size. The hats I made always came out smaller or bigger than they were supposed to be. I decided to learn the reason. And of course it was also about my yarns. I have a lot of left over yarns, one ball, half ball, 1.5 ball… And they are not all the same type of yarn so I can not use them for the same project. That’s why I decided to use them for learning hats.

I started with this one:

crochet hat, tığişi şapka,

This was supposed to be a slouchy hat but it turned out to a very tight one. It is wearable, good for taking pictures but not good for my thin hair. Maybe I can wear it if I don’t take it off for the whole day. Otherwise my hair will stick on my skin.

So again, I understood that I was doing something wrong. I found two reasons:

First: There is something called “gauge” which I always preferred to ignore when I start a new pattern. Because I simply couldn’t understand what the f.. it was. What was it for? After some time, I could figure out that it was for deciding if my yarn is good for my project or not. But I still didn’t know what to do if I don’t get the gauge. What should I do now? Just throw away this project and try to find a suitable project for the yarn I have? This made crocheting really boring. Always looking for the best project… I don’t like searching for it, I enjoy the making step.

At the end I was ready to learn what to do when I don’t get the gauge. I watched a couple of videos on Youtube. They all said that I need to use a bigger hook if my stitches are too small and to use a smaller hook if my stitches are bigger. But if there is a huuuuge difference between my 4” model and the pattern’s then it would be a better idea to change the yarn because otherwise the result would be extra tight or extra loose. So I got it. I can’t make every project with every kind of yarn, especially for the clothes. But I can loosen the rules a bit.

Second: When I start crocheting from the top of the hat, I can decide until which row I need to increase. And to decide that row, I need to measure my head and use some mathematics (I knew I was gonna use it one they!) If I measure from my forehead to my neck as a circle, it gives the circumference of the hat I make. And because Circumference= 3.1416xRadius, if my measurement is divided by 3.1416, then I get the Radius which helps me decide whether I should stop increasing or not.

So I tried again with this knowledge, this time it was better. It’s not slouchy enough but at least I can wear it.

crochet hat, tığişi şapka

Yes, as you can see, we have a model here and he is Mr Hat and he is the 3rd hat I made.

I never made a very basic beanie before. It always seemed very comfortable but very ordinary so I never really dreamed of making one. But as I was looking for a new pattern to make and learn, I chose this one because I was learning the basics! It was really easy to make because it is not made as round shape, doesn’t start from the top. It goes as a rectangular and then you need to sew both sides and ta-daa you’ve got a hat.

tığişi şapka, crochet hat, free crochet pattern, ücretsiz örgü tarifi,
Here he is… (The pattern)

And now the last one. In fact it was my hidden purpose to begin learning hats. Because I love wearing hats with a brim, with a cover on my eyes . I like them because they protect my eyes from sun in summer and also they protect my glasses from rain in winter/autumn so I can bike easier. And I think they look really cool.

Here is the coolest hat of this post:

(The pattern)

I thought I made it perfect but as you can see in the first photo, the brim was not strong enough, it didn’t stay stable. I don’t know what did I do wrong but anyway, I sewed it with the upper part. Now it looks better. I wrote a little story about these two photos on instagram. I wanna share it here too.

“First one is Mr Hat Man, with his old, well worn hat and turtleneck sweater, he is a man from working class. Second one is also Mr Hat Man but not the same one. He is a golf player and as you can see from his chubby chin, he is a man from business world.”

That’s it. I lost the pattern for the first two hats, sorry, if I find them later, I will add it here somewhere.

Now I need to eat something,

Colorful days dear crochetlovers,


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