Some hats

Hellooo people,

How are you? Are you still alive? Nice. Me too. I am a little bit sick but getting better now. Tomorrow I’m gonna go to work again. Btw I started working three days per week! Yeeey… That’s beyond good. Something like perfect. In fact it’s early to talk because last week I had to wake up early and leave the house everyday (except Sunday) because I had Dutch exams so it was not really an ordinary week. But this week even though I am sick, I’m crocheting like crazy. I finished my vest (finally and it’s gonna be the topic of next post because I’m so tired of writing this 4 hats) and I made 4 hats!

Why hats? You may ask this question. Because I knew that I had some problems with adjusting the hat size. The hats I made always came out smaller or bigger than they were supposed to be. I decided to learn the reason. And of course it was also about my yarns. I have a lot of left over yarns, one ball, half ball, 1.5 ball… And they are not all the same type of yarn so I can not use them for the same project. That’s why I decided to use them for learning hats.

I started with this one:

This was supposed to be a slouchy hat but it turned out to a very tight one. It is wearable, good for taking pictures but not good for my thin hair. Maybe I can wear it if I don’t take it off for the whole day. Otherwise my hair will stick on my skin.

So again, I understood that I was doing something wrong. I found two reasons:

First: There is something called “gauge” which I always preferred to ignore when I start a new pattern. Because I simply couldn’t understand what the f.. it was. What was it for? After some time, I could figure out that it was for deciding if my yarn is good for my project or not. But I still didn’t know what to do if I don’t get the gauge. What should I do now? Just throw away this project and try to find a suitable project for the yarn I have? This made crocheting really boring. Always looking for the best project… I don’t like searching for it, I enjoy the making step.

At the end I was ready to learn what to do when I don’t get the gauge. I watched a couple of videos on Youtube. They all said that I need to use a bigger hook if my stitches are too small and to use a smaller hook if my stitches are bigger. But if there is a huuuuge difference between my 4” model and the pattern’s then it would be a better idea to change the yarn because otherwise the result would be extra tight or extra loose. So I got it. I can’t make every project with every kind of yarn, especially for the clothes. But I can loosen the rules a bit.

Second: When I start crocheting from the top of the hat, I can decide until which row I need to increase. And to decide that row, I need to measure my head and use some mathematics (I knew I was gonna use it one they!) If I measure from my forehead to my neck as a circle, it gives the circumference of the hat I make. And because Circumference= 3.1416xRadius, if my measurement is divided by 3.1416, then I get the Radius which helps me decide whether I should stop increasing or not.

So I tried again with this knowledge, this time it was better. It’s not slouchy enough but at least I can wear it.

Yes, as you can see, we have a model here and he is Mr Hat and he is the 3rd hat I made.

I never made a very basic beanie before. It always seemed very comfortable but very ordinary so I never really dreamed of making one. But as I was looking for a new pattern to make and learn, I chose this one because I was learning the basics! It was really easy to make because it is not made as round shape, doesn’t start from the top. It goes as a rectangular and then you need to sew both sides and ta-daa you’ve got a hat.

Here he is… (The pattern)

And now the last one. In fact it was my hidden purpose to begin learning hats. Because I love wearing hats with a brim, with a cover on my eyes . I like them because they protect my eyes from sun in summer and also they protect my glasses from rain in winter/autumn so I can bike easier. And I think they look really cool.

Here is the coolest hat of this post:

(The pattern)

I thought I made it perfect but as you can see in the first photo, the brim was not strong enough, it didn’t stay stable. I don’t know what did I do wrong but anyway, I sewed it with the upper part. Now it looks better. I wrote a little story about these two photos on instagram. I wanna share it here too.

“First one is Mr Hat Man, with his old, well worn hat and turtleneck sweater, he is a man from working class. Second one is also Mr Hat Man but not the same one. He is a golf player and as you can see from his chubby chin, he is a man from business world.”

That’s it. I lost the pattern for the first two hats, sorry, if I find them later, I will add it here somewhere.

Now I need to eat something,

Colorful days dear crochetlovers,


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