Scarves I told you last week and my crochet vest

Hellooo dear handmade lovers,

Last week I put here a photo of two gift packs. I gave them to my friends and I’m really happy to say that they liked them! Now I can show you the scarves.

I really couldn’t find the right angle and light to show real color of this scarf. It has much more brighter and softer winter colors. White, pink and grey. Here is the yarn:

From Zeeman, a Dutch company. Needs hand washing.

I tried some photos on darker surface… Better but not ideal. I really should spend some time on learning how to take photos.

And here is the red one:

Darker colors seem better on photos, even if I use the same angle and light.

And my dear friend let me put her instagram photo here:

That’s it! I really enjoyed to make them. And if you are curious about questions like, how did I make them, which pattern did I use etc., you can read on my last post here. It’s reeeeally detailed.

And the next project I am trying to finish is my vest. I started making it without pattern, so it’s taking more time. Sometimes I just can’t decide what to do next. But I promise that it will be finished next week. (I like to give me these little deadlines.) Here it is:

That’s all from this week.

See you in the next post,


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