The one about what I learned from two scarves

How are you everybody? This time I wanted to start with some F.R.I.E.N.D.S. style. Wouldn’t it be nicer if our lives reminded us Friends in every minute? I think so…. It would always include some funny-stupid-nonsense jokes, dances, songs, conversations etc.

Anyways, today I finished two scarves. My colleagues had asked me to crochet scarves for them few weeks ago. Finally today I did finish them. I should warn you before I start, there will be a lot of links in this post. Because this post is about what I learned during crocheting these scarves. So don’t hesitate to go to these other websites, watching the videos I share. They are really helpful and easy.

crochet scarves, gift packs,

So, I used this Go With The Flow Super Scarf crochet pattern from My Hobby is Crochet. It was really easy and fun. And because I did it two times, now I feel like I will never forget the new methods I learned.

Ok, let’s continue step by step,

  1. Back Bump of Chains: Let’s say you are beginning to crochet something which is not round shaped. You finished the chain and you start the real first row, right? It can be single crochet or double crochet, doesn’t matter. Back Bump of Chain’s magic starts here. Now, this row may seem very decent, in harmony with the other rows and bla bla… or it may scream like “this is the beginning roooow!” This method helps your project not to scream.
  2. Chainless Starting Double Crochet: So you finished your first row with double crochet and you turn and you will go on with double crochet again. How would you turn? With three chains? Ooooor with this second magic trick? Because when I turn with chain, at the end of the project, I don’t like the edges. It doesn’t seem as one nice line, it seems like zigzag. But with this method, you don’t have this problem anymore.
  3. Back Cross Double Crochet: I used this before to make one Granny Square but I didn’t repeat it enough, so I forgot easily. This time I don’t think I will ever forget. Here you make double crochets italic. It’s good to make some different designs.
  4. Front Cross Double Crochet: Basically this is the same with Number 3 but the direction italic dc looking is different. On number 3 you have this “/” on the right side of your work and with Number 4, you have this “\” . When you use Number 3 and 4 on top of each other, you have an arrow! Woouw, magic of crocheting, baby!
  5. Russian Joining Method: I love this one! My favorite of all. After seeing this method, I thought there is no unsolved question in crocheting anymore. There shouldn’t be! People are creative, they have practical intelligence and they use it for these details. I admire these people. Thank you people! Ok, Husna, calm down. So, if your yarn is finished and you need to start a new yarn, what do you do? You finish the first one and and then make a chain with the new yarn and go on or you make a knot with two yarns and go on, right? But then, it may not seem so nice. You can realize the joining point when you finish the work and it would be annoying. But this method, it’s ok, everything’s gonna be all right, so don’t worry…
  6. Paper Gift Bag: I finished the scarves but I didn’t wanna give them in supermarket bags. First I was planning to wrap the scarves in paper. But scarf is a soft material, so package wouldn’t be strong enough. I wanted to try making a bag. And this method was pretty easy and looked way more beautiful than just wrapping them.

That’s it.

I don’t want to put the pictures of the scarves here because I want to show them to their owners first. So, after tomorrow, I guess I can share them on Instagram. I really hope they do like and enjoy their scarves. What a weird feeling this is. I like what I made but what if they expected something else? It’s worrying and exciting at the same time.

We will see. Until next time,

Stay colourful!


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