Hellooo everybody,

My last post was on 29th July, huh! Ok, I promise, I’m back from holidays. I wasn’t on holiday all the time but I couldn’t really get back to my real life, my dear, lovely routine. After all these years, I tend to accept the reality: I love having a routine, everyday habits, knowing what to do (everyday), where to wake up, having my stuff around, being alone all day… All the boring things, yes, come to me, I embrace you all! I am really happy to be back home, going work everyday, coming home very tired, having no energy to cook, buying some ready-to-eat food from supermarket, to be able to crochet only at the weekends… No, that much, I don’t really miss these things but waking up in my own bed feels good. And during holidays I usually think about the things I want to do when I go home… like learning Dutch better, getting the exams, doings sports bla bla… That makes me wanna go home and start making these dreams real. Is this only me? No, I don’t think so (or I want to think that it’s not only me) . Enjoying the moment… I hear it from the movies or books a lot and I try to adjust it to my life but I never really internalized this idea, this way of living. I try to do it at least on holidays but usually I end up with the great desire to go home and live my dream life! Ironic but funny, isn’t it?

But it’s OK, now I’m fully concentrated in the things I’m interested. And after October, I’ll start working 3 days per week, so I’ll have more time to spend here. Yeey!

I’m crocheting scarves for two of my colleges. They wanted to buy them! They are my first clients. Wow, I’m really excited and a little bit stressful but it’s going well till now. I didn’t spill coffee on anything. That’s a good sign.

I’ve been crocheting the vest I told you in the last post during vacations. but it’s not finished yet. After the scarves, I plan to finish it and share them all with you here.

That’s all for now, I promise to be here in one week,

Until then… stay colorful,


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