Color Time for Sewing

Hello people,

This week was really hot in Holland. This summer, in Greece, I promised myself never to complain about hot weather. Because usually in Holland, summer stays only for few weeks. And then spring or even autumn comes back again. We don’t really understand how those hot times fly away. If we keep complaining about the weather, always looking for a ventilator, we can’t really enjoy of sweating. I like wearing light clothes and sweating all day, washing my face again and again and again, drinking bottles of water and not to need to pee because of sweating. It may seem disgusting but it’s not if you keep yourself clean and it is only for few weeks. That’s why it’s very valuable. I don’t have a health problem yet and my job doesn’t force me to be presentable all the time. So, why would I complain? Besides, normally I need to get vitamin D, last week it was free!

I think it’s not only about the weather, I secretly decided to make peace with the nature. We have many dark days here. If I just let it go, those days make me unhappy very quickly even if there is no other reason. Then I begin to find reasons to be unhappy. When I realize the real reason was the weather, it feels too late. I feel like I wasted all those days. Why not making peace with dark colors? Why not being aware of beauty of clouds and empty trees? They may seem sad but sadness is still a feeling to be aware of and enjoy. Because they all pass very quickly. I will be 31 in these days. I am not in panic but life goes very fast. I shouldn’t waste my time complaining about those small things. There is nothing I can do, so let’s be grateful to time, to the one who takes every trouble away. In short, I passed my hot weather exam last week.

Oh, I talked too much. Let me talk about what I did this week.

I couldn’t do much handwork during the weekdays because my hands were already in pain at work (we make bracelets). They needed to get rest in the evenings. But in the weekend I started sewing with my amateur and cheap sewing machine. I needed to shorten some curtains at home. It was a project that was in my mind for maybe a year. It was like a duty but when I finished I was more hungry for sewing. When I work with the machine, my hands don’t get tired and I get the result very quickly. Very satisfying job.

I had those fabrics at home:

Blue fabric was , once upon a time, a part of jeans. It was very old and I made it shorts. So this fabric is below knee part. Pink one was a jumpsuit, a gift from my sister. But it was one size smaller. In fact, upper body part was OK for me but lower part was the problem. So I decided to cut it from just below the elastic belt. I sewed the edging and that’s it. Now, I have a new summer top!

sewing, summer top

What about pink legs and blue jeans fabric?

Yeah, I made a new summer top with them too. Here it is:

sewing, summer top,

It looks better on me. I made some calculations on paper. Surprisingly, they were true. I only had a problem with the straps because I was tired, I did’t draw anything and didn’t write down the measurements of the straps. I thought it was just a strap, I could do it with hand measurement. But no… it was too long. I shortened… but still no, it was still a little bit loose. I gave up at the end, it’s usable now, if it gets worse, I’ll repair it later.

sewing pattern, sewing calculations
Here is my design:) I needed to think a lot about these numbers. Measuring myself again and again, not being sure about the result… But I am very satisfied with it now.

That’s it. I started a new crochet “Finish all yarns” project. Again it’s full of colors. Next week I’ll probably write about it. It’s all my design, I’m very excited. I want to finish it very very quickly…but patience you must have, my young padawan…

For now, I say goodbye to you with my last three summer friends.

Keep it colorful,


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