New Finished Projects!

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Hello everyone,

It’s been a real busy week. I was so tired (physically tired) during the day at work, I couldn’t do a lot of handcraft in the evenings. But I was able to finish my first summer top and basket.

Let’s start with the summer top:

Yes, front and back colors are different . =) This was again one of the “Finish all yarns!” projects. (For the first one, check here: My First Cardigan) I had bought these yarns (four colors) really really cheap but when I came home, I realized that I didn’t like the texture. The little threads in the yarn could be easily separated like embroidery yarns which made it hard to crochet. And I couldn’t find a suitable project for it. But in last few months I started searching more seriously just to get rid of them. (Yeah, this was kind of a hate project =) But I like the result. ) At last, I found this summer top pattern online: Floral Cami by Lisa Gonzalez

I started crocheting it when I was on holiday, so it went very slowly. Actually it was really an easy pattern. If I had a suitable yarn for it, I would like to make one more. I will keep the pattern for future projects. If I did everything right, the only problem about this pattern for me was about straps. Because I made Medium size, I needed to crochet 35 chains to make a strap base but that was not enough for my armholes. Next time I will do it a little bit longer. Maybe it was about the type of the yarn.

Next: Basket Made of Homemade T-shirt Yarns

Those are my first T-shirt yarns. I always wanted to use my old clothes to make yarns. Finally I was brave enough to cut some. The blue T-shirt was quite unused because it was a size smaller for me, so it became a good quality yarn. But the pink pajamas in the second picture was really old, I was ripped off and sewed already few times… Because of that, or because it’s fabric was not suitable for making T-shirt yarn, it didn’t become a good one. While cutting and also crocheting, small pieces like pink pepper were everywhere. I needed to vacuum the room after the process. It’s good enough for basket but it’s not for the things that should be washed more often like clothes or bags… I used one more color ( You can see below), dark blue, for the base of the basket. It was made from trousers which was -again- really old but I didn’t have any problems with it’s fabric. I think it’s all about the quality of it.

One more thing: The basket didn’t seem like the ones I made with new T-shirt yarns. You can compare them here:

You realize the texture of the rope? The brown one at left is more shiny and smooth. It looks nicer of course but I will continue to use my old clothes to make yarns because I feel like there are some duties they can still do perfectly. Perhaps rugs? Come on girl, don’t stop until you find them! =)

That’s all for now! I’m working on a small embroidery now but it’s really hard for me… Small needle, small squares, small piece of fabric… I feel like my hands are too big… I miss crocheting…=( But project is project, when you start it, it should be finished one day. Why not sooner? And I don’t really have a good project in my mind for crocheting. Yeah, this is the real reason=)

Colorful days,


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