My First Cardigan

Helloo again,

I’m still trying to get used to this new blog. Before that, I always used Blogger. Now, new tools, styles… And the content is also very different. I need to be able to take nice photographs. I never had an Instagram account before! But it’s ok, I’m a human being, I can get used to everything. In fact, I started to enjoy taking photos. Changing the places of furniture at home… Trying to catch the best look… This is fun actually. I would never think I could like it.

Now, here is my first and best cardigan.

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I needed one, months ago. Even if the weather is good, I am always cold at work because my colleagues like to use air conditioner a lot. So, I need lots of sweat shirts, cardigans etc. And as I mentioned in my previous post, I had lots of yarns which I bought from Kruidvat (a Dutch shop which sells everything for cheaper) a long time ago. It was a set of yarns and the colors were beautiful but they were soooo many. I felt exhausted whenever I saw them at home. So I encouraged myself to crochet my first cardigan with them all. I was worried about maybe they wouldn’t be enough for a cardigan but it was unnecessary. I still have 3 yarns left.

But I couldn’t trust myself to adjust the measurements right. Arranging the armholes was my number one nightmare. Because I crocheted some vests for my nieces by the help of some free patterns. For some reason, the vests were always too small for my nieces. (And of course they growing very fast). I could fix the length of the vest but there was no turning back from the armhole problem.

This time, I decided to choose a size and do whatever the pattern says. I was not gonna care about the size. Even if it was a little bit bigger or smaller I could always give it to someone else as a gift.

My only criteria was to find one with a lot of holes , not a real thick one. Otherwise it makes me sweat a lot. I found an easy pattern here, from Sewrella and started. It’s really a fun cardigan to crochet. There is not much details, so it was perfect for me.

But I made a mistake and didn’t watch the pattern video. If you click on the link, you can see that it was supposed to be shorter but it is not! I was enjoying so much that I didn’t realize something was wrong:( And when I realized, it was too late. I didn’t wanna start over. But I got my lesson: If there is a video, do not skip it, just spare some time and watch. Because when I watched it, I realized that when the designer says ‘hdc’ (half double crochet), she doesn’t mean the same thing with me. Mine is longer and when you repeat it for 60 rows, it becomes much more longer. Is it about American/European term difference? I checked and I found a blog which explains the differences but there is nothing called ‘hdc’ on European side. so, I don’t know where did I learn the abbreviations of crochet terms… I need to refresh my knowledge.

This blog will help me about that… I hope… 🙂

That’s it. If you stay careful and aware that this is a design with American terms, then it’s really an easy and fun cardigan to do. I still love what I did but lessons should be taken too:) 1. Watch the video 2) Learn the abbreviations good.

Thank you for now, I hope to be around soon,

Stay colorful,


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